Blogging with Babies Teal Pumpkin Project Goodies. A treasure chest full of snack sized treats, a bowl of regular sized candy bars and two additional bowls of non-edible goody bags.
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Teal Pumpkin Project for Halloween

*We’ve been participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project since our daughter was born.  Alexa, along with our son, Jackson, have not demonstrated any food related allergic reactions and for that, we are grateful. At three months old, we didn’t know if she had any allergies yet. We wondered what other parents did for trick or treating if their kids had allergies.  Thankfully, a quick Google search directed us to the #tealpumpkinproject.  

For a little backstory, Halloween is one of my husband’s favorite “holidays”.  He absolutely loves giving out goodies.  He takes pride in the kids remembering our house and because of the 3 goody stations that we created for Halloween, we always have tons of visitors. 

The first station is for the little ones who don’t have to worry about allergies on Halloween.  We put snack sized packs of candies and chocolate and let the little ones grab as much as they want.  The second stations is for the bigger kids, we welcome older kids and kids at heart the same way as little kids. Their’s is a big bowl of standard sized candy bars which kids usually take only one of.  Some kids slyly take 2 and we just laugh and let them.  After all, the more they take, the less we HAVE TO EAT. 

The last station is the Teal Pumpkin Project treats. We usually try to put in the extra effort of making two types of goody bags. We usually hit up our local dollar store for items to include in the goody bags.  Sometimes, Target, Walmart or even Party City will have better deals on packaged items. I just do a search on each website for “Halloween favors” and compare the price per item.  Don’t forget to use coupons when applicable to save more money. These goody bags do start costing a little bit more if you go crazy with trying to stuff them. 


To find out more about Teal Pumpkin Project visit Kids with Food Allergies and FARE.

*Since moving to our new house, we’ve been unable to hand out treats since nobody comes to our house due to it being on a busy street and not in a traditional neighborhood with safe areas for pedestrians.  We’ve been really sad about that so we take the kids trick or treating instead (check out my guest blog post on 10 Family Friendly Halloween Events in Northern Virginia and DC at ihustleforher.

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