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International Day of the Girl Child 2018

Today is the International Day of the Girl Child and as I look at my daughter I’m so excited for her future.

I’m happy that she’s sweet and nice and cute as a button. But I’m more proud of her gumption and stubbornness and ability to question everything and see things in such a novel way. I hope that she continues these traits in the future. 

I know that her personality is what it is but I hope that I’ll be a good enough mother to nurture and encourage her to be a strong and thoughtful individual. When I say individual, I definitely mean INDIVIDUAL. I hope that she’ll be someone who will think for herself and make her opinions known. 

I was raised in a traditional Asian family where I was taught that children should seldom be seen and definitely not heard. This has affected my self esteem and confidence even into adulthood.

I hope that I don’t stifle her courage. 

To my daughter. I promise you this:

I promise to promote your hard work and intelligence. Not your beauty.

I promise to value your education, career and accomplishments.

I promise to not encourage you to be with someone because they’ll solve something in your life. Prince Charming is not the end goal.

I promise to respect your life choices. Period.

I promise to be your best advocate and to teach you to be your own best advocate.

I promise to NOT teach you to hold back because you’re a girl. 

I promise to teach you to be your own superhero.

I promise to keep adding to this list because I’m learning to be a better me from being with you.

Blogging with Babies My Wonder Girl
Blogging with Babies My Wonder Girl


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