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I Wish Wednesday: Oh to win the Lottery

It’s the last Wednesday of October and that means it’s “I Wish Wednesday”!  I really love this subject. It allows me to dream and dream big!  As you most likely know, there was a huge lottery that was won last week. $1.5 BILLION was the prize and someone won in South Carolina.  If the lucky winner takes the one time lump sum payment, they’ll get $877.8 million. Man, that’s what I wish for this Wednesday.  

I wish to be a winner…Lottery Jackpot Winner

It doesn’t have to be a billion or even $877.8 million. Any amount would be great.  Yes, I too, got caught up in the lottery craze.  However, I limited myself to one ticket (with only 1 line) for 2 drawings. I spent $4 and hoped to get $1.5 billion. With odds of 1 in 302.6 million, I figured one line would be all I’d need.  LOL.  

Honestly, hubby and I knew we weren’t going to win anything (I’ve had better luck with scratch offs). The dreaming and excitement made the $4 worth it though.  For a few days, we were so excited about what we would spend our hypothetical prize winnings on. First thing he said to me after purchasing the lottery ticket was, “If we win, you’d probably want to pay off all the bills first.” Uh…well…duh.  Why would I not? My response was “Why aren’t you thinking of doing that?” I’m still shaking my head…

What I would do with that money

Anyway, we talked about the things we’d buy (after paying off the bills).  He’d buy lots of cars. I’d buy lots of houses: a vineyard in Napa, penthouse in Manhattan, a house in DC/NoVa/DMV (that’s the metro area around DC which includes Maryland and Virginia for those that don’t know) so we could be neighbors with the Obama’s or one of the Housewives of Potomac (the only Housewives show that I watch BTW since I feel like those ladies actually have some heart left in them). Oh, I’d also buy an Island somewhere, maybe the Philippines. 

Oh please, oh please, let me win

As the lottery drawing date got closer, I found myself bargaining with the fates…or whomever would listen.  I’d be happy splitting the jackpot…I’d be happy with $20 million.  Heck, I’d be happy with a thousand dollars.  You know, just to get me to our next paycheck.  LOL. I got nothing. Oh well, again, the excitement and entertainment was worth the $4. Until next time, I’ll still be wishing.

Did you join in the lottery craze? What did you wish for? Let us know in the comments.

Blogging with Babies: Lottery Winnings: I just want to pay my off my bills
Blogging with Babies: Lottery Winnings: I just want to pay my off my bills
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