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I Wish Wednesday: First Edition

I Wish Wednesday
I Wish Wednesday

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Coming up with topics for blog posts hasn’t been too tough. I’ve been drafting items and saving them for the right moment to post.  Unfortunately, I noticed that my topics have been pretty…dry.  Some too serious for such early posts or too many lists.  Not too surprising that these are the types of posts that I enjoy reading. 

Going through my Pinterest boards I noticed the same common theme of recipes, planner/stationery items and top (#) lists.  Fortunately, I came across my board for Jewelry.  Four pins…four pins is all that board has, but it got me happy.  It also got me inspired.  This blog is for us to write about what we want, right?  Who says that I can only write about what I have or what might be attainable?  I’m going to write about what I might never be able to get but I can wish for.  


My Jewelry Pinterest Board
My Jewelry Pinterest Board


I’ve deemed that the last Wednesday of the month is going to be I Wish Wednesday.  I’m going to write about something that I wish for.  This is going to be pure escapism, pure unadulterated materialism.  I’m not going to cover the standard beauty pageant response of, “I wish for world peace…no hunger…no pain…stop global warming.”  It goes without saying that we all wish for those things (at least most of us, I think).  

Anyway, I’ve always loved jewelry.  From when I was little, I used to try on my mothers jewelry.  When I was in college, I got the opportunity to work for a jewelry company (retail) and ended up doing that for 4 years.  It gave me the opportunity to start my collection.  I was constantly buying moderately priced pieces when I realized that if I just saved up my money, I’d buy bigger, more extravagant pieces.  I convinced myself that they were investment pieces.  Since having the Blogging Babies, I haven’t been able to “invest” in any pieces except for a pair of earrings that I saw on True Facet and a pendant that I just had to have from Everything But The House.

White and Yellow Diamonds
White and Yellow Diamonds

Again, pure escapism…and back to those four jewelry pins.  Four sparkling giant stoned rings. This I Wish Wednesday, I wish I had those rings, especially the Tiffany & Co diamond and blue tourmaline piece.  If I ever won the lottery (and had enough left over to spend lavishly-haha) I’d buy it.

What do you wish for this I Wish Wednesday (pure escapism, remember, no need to feel guilty)?  Let us know in the comments below.  Go on, tell us and maybe someone will hear your wish and grant it.  

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