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Baguio and La Trinidad

Panoramic view of La Trinidad
Panoramic view of La Trinidad

Although my Patriotism is all American, my Pride is Pinoy.

Baguio is my Mom and La Trinidad is my dad.  At least that’s where they’re from. As for me, I was born in Baguio and went to nursery school there. Spent a disastrous freshman semester there and partied like I’d never been away from my very strict parents before (which I had not). At the end of a tough day at work my husband and I would talk about selling everything, withdrawing our retirement savings, quitting our jobs and running away to Baguio.

La Trinidad

La Trinidad, imagine waking up to this view every day.

Baguio is our dream.

That’s what makes the past few days so unbelievable. The damage and the loss is so heartbreaking. Thankfully our family and friends in the area are all safe.

My heart and love goes to everyone affected by Typhoon Mangkhut (Typhoon Ompong).

A scenic road to my father's childhood home.
A scenic road to my father’s childhood home.
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