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Blogging with Babies: A Filipino American Family Story
Joanne, Nick, Jay and Alexa posing at Bass Pro Shops.
Joanne, Nick, Jay and Alexa at Bass Pro Shops.

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Our website address is: https://bloggingwithbabies.com.

Hello and welcome to Blogging with Babies. I’m Joanne, the mommy of two incredibly wonderful babies (Alexa and Jay) and wife to the most generous husband (Nick-Mr. Tech) a girl could ask for.  Being a Navy brat, we moved around a lot, therefore home is where my family is at. Other than my family, I have a passion for architecture, cars, clothes, shoes, purple, tech stuff, romance (books, movies and real life), travel and stationery.

Mr. Tech and I dream of retiring to the Philippines one day (I’m a proud Filipina American) and being able to eat rice while maintaining ketosis.

Daddy Nick, Mommy Jo, Ateh Alexa and Baby Jay want to get to know you better.  Subscribe to our newsletter and contact us via our social media icons.  We’d love to hear from you.




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