5 Low Carb Frozen Foods You Need
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5 Low Carb Frozen Foods You Need

5 Low Carb Frozen Foods You Need
5 Low Carb Frozen Foods You Need

Are you on a low carb diet (or lifestyle) and running out of meal ideas? Are you short on time and don’t have the patience to deal with standing in the kitchen for hours on end? Maybe you love to cook healthful foods but sometimes just can’t because of work-work and mom-work and life-work. Honestly, sometimes that’s me…if I’m being really honest, that’s me most of the time.  

My husband and I are so lucky to be able to work from home with our real jobs (blogging is just our hobby) but we still have problems with coming up with what to do for our meals. Every day we go through that familiar scenario of asking each other “What are we eating for (breakfast…lunch…dinner).” “Whatever,” “anything,” “I don’t know,” are the most common answers but also the worst ones.  

Thankfully, our change to the Keto lifestyle has forced us to become proactive with keeping our fridge and freezer stocked with low carb choices.  Here’s 5 low carb frozen foods you need in your freezer or fridge. These are items that we definitely can’t live without now.

Hi Ya, Disclosure Time: Some of the links in this post may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I might receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials.”

Real Good Foods Co Pizza (4 g net carbs).

Real Good Pizza
Real Good Pizza Affiliate Link

These personal pan pizzas are delicious and filling. There are three topping varieties: cheese, uncured pepperoni and supreme. The low carb content is because the crust is made of chicken and Parmesan cheese. Sounds weird but it’s good especially when it’s sizzling and crispy straight from the oven. As of this writing, I found that there’s a huge difference in retail pricing for these pizza’s; the Food Lion near me started carrying these but were selling them for double what Wegman’s was selling them for.

Green Giant Cheddar and Bacon Mashed Cauliflower (4 g net carbs).

Green Giant Mashed Cauliflower
Green Giant Mashed Cauliflower Affiliate Link

Oh my…I love these mashed cauliflower more than mashed potatoes.  This fits the definition of comfort food. They taste like loaded mashed potatoes. I put a sprinkling of shredded cheese and green onions and they’re perfect on their own. Or pair them with a steak, pork chop, gravy and you wouldn’t even consider this diet food.

(Any brand) Riced Cauliflower (2 g net carbs).

Riced Cauliflower
Riced Cauliflower Affiliate Link

These are a staple in our house. I’ve convinced myself that this is just plain rice so much that sometimes I look at my plate of cauliflower rice and steak and think that I need some type of vegetable. Then I remember that (half-hehe) my plate is already a vegetable. Many brands and grocers carry plain diced cauliflower and I haven’t really experienced any differences between the major brands and the generic house (grocer) brand. What I have experienced though is difference in price. I tend to go for the cheaper priced riced cauliflower since a lot of the other low carb, Keto friendly items I buy are on the pricier side. Gotta save where you can. 

Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’Wich (6-7 g net carbs).

Jimmy Dean Delights Egg'wich
Jimmy Dean Delights Egg’wich Affiliate Link

I do intermittent fasting so breakfast is a treat reserved for weekends. These eggwiches were a surprise find at a local big box store. These are also the best heat and go breakfast options we’ve come across. There are currently three varieties: Broccoli and Cheese (with chicken sausage and cheese); Bacon, Spinach, Caramelized Onion and Parmesan (with turkey sausage and cheese) and Ham, Bell Peppers, Mushroom, Bacon and Onion (with turkey sausage and cheese).

Tyson’s Grilled and Ready Fully Cooked Frozen Grilled Chicken Breast Strips (2 g net carbs).

Tyson's Grilled Chicken Breast Strip
Tyson’s Grilled Chicken Breast Strip Affiliate Link

These chicken strips do have the option to be microwaved but for best taste and texture, I’d suggest the skillet reheat option. Versatile and flavorful, these chicken strips can be paired with any sauce and side dish combination. We’ve combined them with everything from low carb bbq sauce to madras curry. 

These are some of the low carb staples in our freezer.  What are your low carb go to’s? Share them in the comments section.

Baby Jay swiping and eating my egg’wich. You know it’s yummy when a toddler is eating it.
Baby Jay swiping and eating my egg’wich. You know it’s yummy when a toddler is eating it.
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