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NMMC Kids and Semper Force a Star Wars Family Day

Not only is it the official dress up month but the National Museum of the Marine Corps (NMMC) Education Department and NMMC Kids held their inaugural Semper Force Day this weekend.  The mission of the NMMC Education Department and NMMC Kids is “to develop engaging, age-appropriate social media content for students, educators, families, and visitors to promote […]

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Ulta Unboxing: Pretty and Polished and Brilliantly Beautiful

When the cosmetics companies start putting out their makeup sets it always makes me feel like Christmas is around the corner. Ever since I was a teenager, my mother would gift me a makeup set from Estee Lauder or Elizabeth Arden (her favorite brands) for Christmas. It’s the way I was able to build up […]

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Join Me For 31 Days of 31 Minutes of Exercise

This October I’ve decided to commit to 31 minutes of exercise every day.  That’s 31 minutes for 31 days which would amount to 961 minutes of exercise. It’s a perfect day to start.  Whenever I procrastinate, I have the following excuses: I’ll start the beginning of the month or I’ll start on Monday, I want […]

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